About 4th Watch

Organic Worship                   Kingdom Intercession                       Prophetic Insight

Vision: Facilitate unity among all members of the Body of Christ through pure worship, organic intercession, prophetic worship and prophetic insight during the fourth watch of the night (3am to 6am).

Purpose: Declare, decree and establish the Kingdom. We will cause the wicked to perish and as a result the righteous shall increase and birth innovators. We will also receive instructions for the Kingdom on global leadership, the uprising of our economy, strategies released and the things on the heart of God for His people.

Mission: Release the new sound and apprehend the purposes of God in prayer. Harness God's transforming power for our lives, city, state and nation.

4th Watch is the last watch of the night from 3AM-6AM

1.   THIS IS A SPECIAL TIME FOR DIVINE JUDGMENTS.   This is the last watch of the night.  This is the period to release the manifestation of the full intensity of the dayspring shaking out the wicked.

2.   It is also the time for Deliverance, to Rise and Shine, for Resurrection.  This is time for deliverance according to Exo. 12 and 14.  This is also the time Jesus came walking on the water to release the disciples from the storms according to Matt. 14:25.  This is the time to ask the new day to speak into your life according to God's will (Psalm 19:2).  This is also the time of declaration of the word.

This is also the time for resurrection power.